10 Things To Know Before
You See A Broadway Show


10 Things To Know Before You See A Broadway Show

1. Know what the show is about. Just because your favorite star is in the show doesn’t mean it will be what you are accustomed to seeing your favorite star doing.  

2. Check and double check the time that the show's starts.

3. Be on time. You do not want to miss the opening scene of a Broadway show.

4. Do not bring food into the theater.

5. Know that the smacks and food that are sold inside the Broadway theaters cost more than what you could buy them for at the corner store or your corner bar.

6. The bathroom lines can be very long. For a few Broadway theaters, the accessible restroom is not located at that theater.

8. No filming or photography during the show.

7. At the merchandise counter, do not announce that the show CD is cheaper on Amazon.  

9. Turn your cell phone off – not to silent – but off. The worst thing you can be is that person who cell phone goes off during the show.

10.Bring a jacket or sweater. Some Broadway houses can get very cold.
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