5 Tips to keep Your Self-Love Alive

5 Tips to keep Your Self-Love Alive
by Wambui Bahati

Self-love -- Having a loving relationship with yourself is extremely important. Unlike relationships with other people, you cannot leave yourself. Where ever you go, you are going with you. Therefore, the relationship you have with yourself must be nurtured. Here are 5 simple tips, that if followed, you'll be sure to have a healthy, happy and loving relationship with yourself. Honestly and deeply loving yourself is necessary in order for you to honestly and deeply and healthily love another.

    • 1. Say, "I Love Me" - Fake it 'til You Make It
    I've met many people who cannot say they love themselves. Some think that it is almost sacrilegious. Fake it until you make it. Act as if you love you. The psyche doesn't know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Before long you will find that you truly do love you.

    • 2. Forgive Yourself
    Some people feel they are undeserving of love because of mistakes or 'bad' things they've done in the past. What ever we may have done or said, or in some cases, not done or not said, you are forgiven. You can and do have the power to forgive yourself. If you believe that you have to wait for God to forgive you, know that you have already been forgiven. God is not a vengeful God. God / the Universe wants you to be happy to. Learn from your mistakes. If possible, apologize and do what you can to make things right and move on to higher ground. Don't spend your life suffering.

    • 3. Honor Yourself
    Yes. You deserved to be honored. You are a child of God / the Universe. Do you think God would create something that was not worth honoring. Honor yourself by feeding your mind, body and spirit the best that the Universe has to offer. Would you put something called 'junk gas' in your car? Then, why would you put something called 'junk food' in your body? Respect yourself.

    • 4. Take Yourself On A Date
  • When people are attracted to some one else, they want to spend time alone with them. Couples go out on dates to spend time alone together to get to know each other better. I have met so many people that feel they need to constantly be with others, or talking on the phone or texting or chatting online. When they are by themselves, either the television or music has to be on the background. It's almost as if we're afraid of silence. Or, afraid of we might find out about ourselves.

    Spend time getting to know yourself. Take yourself on a date. Reconnect with your inner strength and wisdom. Take inventory of your life and make decision on what news directions and adventures you'd like to explore.

    • 5. Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously
  • Find the humor in some of the things that you do. Find humor in your world and your environment. Laugh, dance, sing. Find hobbies that interest you and bring out your joy. Associate with people that respect you and honor you as well as themselves. Do not judge yourself or anyone else.

    If you think that divorcing someone else is stressful, painful and financially devastating, try divorcing yourself. Ouch! Not pretty. You cannot leave yourself. Therefore, learn to LOVE YOUR WONDERFUL, POWERFUL, MAGNIFICENT SELF!

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