My Beauty Routine

My Beauty Routine - It's about keeping it simple, natural - and keeping my money in my pocket:

* Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap for body face and hair - occasional teeth brushing

*Face washing morning and evening followed by organic, raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. 50% vinegar and 50% filtered water - applied with an organic cotton ball to face.

* ShiKai Borage Therapy - Natural Advanced Formula Dry Skin Lotion - for the body, great for face and even natural hair.

*MAKE-UP: Dark eyeshadow, black pencil to outline lips, fill in lips with red lipstick, use same red lipstick to add a little color to cheeks, brown pencil to fill in sparse brows, clear mascara over brows to keep pencil from smearing, finish off with black mascara on lashes.


Shikai Borage Advanced Lotion:
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar:
Dr. Bronners Liquid Soap: