Please Don't Make Me Use Facebook!:
How I Became 'That' Person That I Don't Even Want To Work With

I decided to become part of a group who"s mission I am an advocate for. I jumped at the opportunity. "This is right up my alley", I said to the person who told me about the organization and invited me to join. I was excited to meet the other people involved and learn more. There was one thing, however, that I didn't think through enough.

The group is a Facebook group. I don't do Facebook, but was willing to sign up for Facebook in order to be apart of the group and support the cause. And, I did sign up.

However, I disliked being on Facebook so much that I rarely showed up to communicate with the group. A sense of dread consumed me whenever I thought of going on Facebook. Therefore, I rarely went (hardly went at all). Thus, I became that person that I don't even like working with - the person who is always missing in action . . .


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