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Don't let her youthful looks and boundless energy fool you! This captivating woman presents with over forty years of professional theater and public speaking experience, spanning a wide range of venues, audiences, and cities throughout the United States.

Wambui wrote, produced and stars in the award winning one-woman musicals Balancing Act and I Am Domestic Violence. Both of these shows have received national acclaim for the unique way they provide outstanding entertainment while dealing with important issues in our communities. Wambui is the author of the nationally recognized book, You Don't Know Crazy - My Life Before, During, After, Above and Beyond Mental Illness.

These Feet Need to be Dancing

These feet have marched for freedom
These feet have walked for a cure
These feet have run for my life
These feet have stood on principle
And waited on a promise
These feet have walked through fire
And climbed stairs constructed only of faith
These feet need to be DANCING!!!
- Wambui (Miss Inspiration)

Your feet need to be dancing too!

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