Stardust Us?

Submitted Sun Jan 05 2014

By: Gregory J. Pavell,
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Dear Wambui Bahati,
I am writing a book of stories about my late wife so that her daughters can read about our relationship as it is too painful to discuss with them, now.

My wife, Sherae E. Rivers, was very spiritual from African American and Cherokee Indian stock. She was Christian but very in tune with primitive and Eastern cultures.

She practiced several Eastern meditations and rituals and had that unique magnetism
which some people exhibit.

I like to think that her energy continues to influence, travels through me.

I am frequently awakened by dreams and write down many thoughts.

This poem came to me last summer...

Stardust Us?

This thing of time
Of our life
A view from within
It is not forward or backward
or up or down
not Cartesian
but all around
a circle…
beginning and never ending
with a familiar connection
once again
was this the start?
To approach a finish
Becoming the start…
Over and over
To be new
And then older
To be old
Only to birth another
Person of sorrow
To understand
The layers of stars do expand
Seeing them
The sky
Is it out
Into the never ending cycle
Once again
Over and over
To be new
and then older
To be old.

Greg Pavell