Wambui Bahati Photo Gallery 4

Coronad Theater

Originally built in 1927 as a movie house, the Coronado Theatre underwent an 18-month restoration project, opening again in 2001 as a first-class performing arts and entertainment center. The theater, located at 314 North Main Street in Rockford, hosts concerts and entertainment events, including national touring productions, Broadway shows, and performances by the Rockford Symphony Orchestra.-


Wambui as Sister Mary Hubert in Nunsense
(Second from the right.)
The Cohoes Music Hall - Chohoes, NY .

Smile Smile
New York City Center's Young People's Theater
(Right) Wambui is a Cat. (Left) Wambui is a Spark Plug.

Smile Smile
(Right)Wambui, 2 yeras old. (Left)Wambui and sister Roberta
Goldsboro, NC-1952

Wambui Performs at Amateur Night at the Apollo

Wambui Performs at Amateur Night at the Apollo
April 22, 1987

Apollo Theater

Apollo Theater, Harlem, NYC, May 10, 2009
(Photo by Wambui)

Wambui at the Louvre

Hangin' at the Louvre.

Wambui Bahati with Street Band in Paris

. . . with Paris street musicians

Wambui Bahati in Naples, FL

Click the above photo for Balancing Act in Naples, FL Photos.

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