Crazy For Me Press Realease

January 2007

New Inspirational Self-help CD Urges Listeners to 'Get Crazy for Yourself'

From the inspiring motivational speaker Wambui Bahati, better known as "Miss Inspiration", comes a powerful, entertaining and personal narrative for people living with or recovering from mental illness -- Crazy For Me -- How I Got Over Bipolar Disorder And Other Life Stuff.

Ms. Bahati soared to new heights when everyone around felt her life as a productive citizen was already over. After all, her doctors claimed she would spend the remainder of her time in and out of mental institutions.

When it seemed her life couldn't get any worse and she only had two options - live or die - Ms. Bahati chose to live. However, she also told herself it would be on her own terms.

During her recovery, Ms. Bahati, a.k.a. "Miss Inspiration", who was born John Ann Washington, legally changed her name and reinvented herself. In Swahili, wambui means "singer of songs" and bahati "my fortune is good". For the past 10 years she has actively researched, studied and explored various "quality of life" altering strategies. Her mission has been to determine the secret to having a life of joy, peace and fabulous health - the best life possible! This inspiring woman not only 'got up' when everyone thought she was 'out for the count', but also rose to new heights and continues to soar.

Today, she shares her inspiration, motivation and celebration, along with some strategies and techniques that were instrumental in her reclaiming and turning her life around. She also reveals how she nurtures her mind, body, and spirit as she continues to reinvent herself. She reminds audiences of how wonderful and powerful they already are and about the God she found in herself and the God that resides in each of us.

She got crazy enough to believe she could turn her life around and now she urges you to get crazy for yourself!

Ms. Bahati explains, "People are always saying to me, 'I'm happy for you. I'm glad you got better.' Then they ask, 'But, what about my mother? Or my brother? Or my sister? What about me? What can we do? What did you do?' So I decided to share my story, how I've come to view mental illness and some of the techniques and strategies that I have adopted over the past 10 years that have allowed me to be happy, healthy, peaceful and productive.

I know that what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. However, there are some things that would certainly improve our quality of life if we'd only try them. Crazy for Me focuses on the potential of the individual and allows listeners to examine their own possibilities after, as has been the case for many people, years of devastation, isolation and frustration."

Today, Ms. Bahati is an actress, singer, writer and storyteller, as well as an inspirational and motivational speaker. She has also written and produced one-woman shows that have received national acclaim. She offers custom-created shows and presentations on her speaking tours and has written and performed for numerous organizations nationwide. This native North Carolinian lives in New York City and is the mother of two adult daughters.

As a special offer, those who order Crazy for Me before Valentine's Day on February 14th, 2007 will receive a free DVD gift of Balancing Act -- The Musical, Ms Bahati's one-woman show and wonderful, uplifting story about her own mental illness. To order and take full advantage of this special offer, please visit

For more information about "Miss Inspiration", Wambui Bahati, her new CD, Crazy For Me--How I Got Over Bipolar Disorder And Other Life Stuff, her one-woman musicals or her custom shows and presentations, please contact Ms. Bahati at or by calling 888-224-2267.

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