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10 Reasons Why You Should
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    1. Engaging Storyteller: Wambui Bahati possesses a remarkable talent for captivating audiences with her ability to weave entertaining and educating stories. Wambui's storytelling style is relatable and thought-provoking, making her an ideal choice for any event.
    2. Dynamic Stage Presence: With a magnetic stage presence and exceptional public speaking skills, this speaker will surely capture any audience's attention. They expertly utilize body language, tone, and pacing to keep people engaged throughout their presentations.
    3. Diverse Background and Expertise: Boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience from various fields, this speaker is well-equipped to speak on various topics. Wambui's versatility enables her to tailor her presentations to any event's specific needs and interests.
    4. Customizable Content: Committed to working closely with event organizers, Wambui develops customized content that resonates with the audience. By understanding the goals and themes of each event, Wambui creates presentations that leave a lasting impact.
    5. Audience Interaction: Wambui's ability to connect with audiences and foster an interactive environment sets them apart. They encourage questions and discussions, ensuring attendees feel engaged and involved throughout the presentation.
    6. Relatable and Inspiring: Drawing from her own experiences and the stories of others, this speaker shares powerful messages that inspire and motivate. She can uniquely make complex topics accessible and relatable to diverse audiences.
    7. Professionalism and Reliability: Event planners can trust this speaker to deliver a polished and captivating presentation, arriving well-prepared and on time. Wambui's dedication to providing an exceptional experience ensures a smooth and successful event.
    8. Adaptability: Understanding that each event is unique, this speaker is highly adaptable and able to adjust their presentation style to suit different audiences and settings, making them a valuable asset for various types of events.
    9. Positive Reputation: With a track record of successful speaking engagements and glowing testimonials from previous event organizers, Wambui has established a reputation for excellence, making her a sought-after choice for events.
    10. Post-Event Support: Wambui Bahati goes beyond the stage by offering valuable post-event support, such as follow-up materials and resources, to ensure that her message continues to resonate with attendees long after the event has concluded.

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I would like to thank you again for your terrific performance. I received several calls later in the week . . . they are raving about how enjoyable it was. 'Who was the woman, she was great!'.

~Randy Roberson 
Director of Development Stepping Stones, 
Rockford, Ill

My name is Lynn and I'm from Port Huron, Michigan.We recently had Wambui Bahati come to Port Huron to do her show Balancing Act. It was absolutely amazing.

It far surpassed even our wildest expectations. It was fabulous, it was professional and it touched everyone in the audience.

It left us wishing we had booked her for two days because I think many people would have come to see her a second day - or word of mouth would have really expanded the audience the next day. We were very happy with the attendance. We had over 400 people.

Wambui and the musicians came back to our clubhouse and met with people, signed autographs and spoke to them personally. They were very personable.

It was just an all-around wonderful experience. The performance was met with a standing ovation from the crowd. We couldn't be happier.

~Lynn Vinson
Blue Water Clubhouse and Community Mental Health of St. Clair County
Port Huron, MI

wambui with mark croppedWambui with Pianist Mark Goodman - Murfreesboro, TN, August 2023

Speech Excerpt:
"What Do You Expect of Yourself?"