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I love the idea of creating – I love creating!  I like the idea of making something out of nothing. I love the idea of taking certain materials and forming them into new shapes and into new objects for new uses - or, no practical use at all - just something pretty to look at.

Here you will find some of my fabric and paper craft projects.

I say, Laughing is the best medicine - and, crafting is the best meditation!

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I recently went 'pouch crazy'! I could not stop making various lined, zipper closure pouches. Some were made of black linen and have messages on them. Others were made of satin fabric that I decorated with a heat sublimation process from an original or licensed photo. I finished off most of the pouches with organza ribbon in the zipper pull to add a little flair. You can check out my pouches in various stages of finished here: Pouch Crazy!

Wambui Made I:'Singing Solo' quilt (front)

'Singing Solo' quilt (front)

Title: "Singing Solo (for all of us who have ever had to face the music alone)"

First, I drew this scene on a large flip chart. I then outlined each component and marked the sections so I would know how they fit together. After I marked everything, I cut out the mic, the mic stand, the lips, etc - like a puzzle. I then chose the fabric that each cut out piece would be - including the background. I used the cut out paper pieces as the pattern.

Once I had all of the fabric for each part cut out , I put the scene back together following the markings I'd made earlier. Putting the puzzle back together, I appliqued the scene back together onto the background fabric.

The back of the quit and the binding are of different African Fabrics.
Before adding the binding, I machine stitched with a wavy decorative stitch from top to bottom all across the quilt. The stitches are roughly 1.5 inches apart.
- - - - - - - - - -
This cotton wall hanging consists of an appliqued woman's body with appliqued lips, dress and individual pieces of fabric making up the head dress - appliqued microphone and microphone stand and cord.

The woman sings solo on a stage - somewhere.

100% cotton fabrics.

100% cotton batting.

Machine quilted with monofil thread,
34 3/4  inches in Length
25 1/2 inches Width

Wambui Made It: My Mama' quilt (front)

'My Mama' quilt (front)

My Mama" Wall Quilt

A 1940s photograph of my mother (Eva Davis Washington) is the centerpiece of this quilt.

Although my mother had various jobs in her young adult life, when I was growing up my mother was "the help". By the time I was in high school she had become a nurse's aide at a local hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina where we lived.

Isn't she beautiful? So dignified  -- so proud.

So here she sits looking very dignified in the dark-colored suit - and white blouse – and, let's not overlook that sassy hat.

In this picture my mother sits at a fence in her mother's backyard in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

I transferred the photo of my mother to a cotton canvas sheet.

I used various strips of fabric at different widths to piece around the photograph.

The dominant color becomes orange due to the borders and the binding of the quilt.

The quilting is done by machine with orange cotton thread.

The quilted pattern consists of abstract lines, squares, and triangles.

The cotton batting is thick and soft.

The back of the quilt is a vintage looking floral material.

The quilt top back is finished with a 4-inch gusseted sleeve, which makes the quilt ready for hanging.

The fabrics used in this quilt were pre-washed before the quilt was constructed – and, the finished quilt has been washed and proves to be quite sturdy.

28 1/4 inches across the top

31 1/4 inches down the right side

29 1/2 inches down the left side

I didn't attempt to square the quilt. In my opinion the unevenness added to the tone and flavor of the quilt. – I'm just saying...

Wambui Made It: 'Mix-up New York City' quilt (front)

'Mix-up New York City' quilt (front)

Pouch Crazy!

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Wambui Made It: Meditation lady diamond pop up card.
Wambui Made It: Meditation lady diamond pop up card.
Wambui Made It: Meditation lady diamond pop up card.

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