How To Publish Your Book

How To Publish Your Book and Maintain Control of Your Book

This video was recorded in 2018. Some industry details may have changed over that time. However, the basics are still the same. Go forth and publish your book!

After working with a reputable book agent on just the book proposal for the book for more than two years, I decided to go on my own with a book coach. After investing thousands of dollars in the book coach, I realized she knew even less than I did.

That particular 'so-called' book coach, Elizabeth, was only interested in holding my money - not my hand.

My children encouraged me not to let her and that 'so-called' publishing company she worked for stop me or my book.

Through research and learning from my own mistakes, I eventually published my first book, "You Don't Know Crazy - My Life Before, During, After and Beyond Mental Illness," in 2008.

As a result of my challenging experience, I created a self-publishing guide to share my knowledge and help others avoid the mistakes I made.


Are you an aspiring author? Are you considering self-publishing your first book but need help figuring out how. I understand the challenges of self-publishing. That's why I've created a comprehensive self-publishing resource guide covering everything you need to know. From defining self-publishing to providing an overview of the process, I've got you covered. I'll even show you how to set up your own publishing company and provide links to online resources for buying ISBNs and formatting your book. With my guide, you'll have all the tools you need to successfully self-publish your work. I'm excited to share my knowledge with you and help you become a published author.