My Aunt Thelma
and Her Life Insurance, Expired

My Aunt Thelma and Her Life Insurance, Expired!

As a child, one of my favorite things to do while visiting my grandmother's house was to be the one who would give the dimes to the insurance man when he would come around on Saturday afternoon. I would give him a dime for my grandparents and one for Aunt Thelma. Over the years, my grandparents and parents expressed the importance of having life insurance. They would say that you didn't want to be a financial burden for your love ones when you die.

I remember my Aunt Thelma paying her insurance faithfully from the 1950s through the 2000s. However, a few days before she passed in 2009, our family got word that her life insurance had just 'expired'. Needless to say the insurance money that she thought would cover the funeral she had planned for herself was not there.

My brother never let her know and he picked up the tab for aunt Thelma's funeral.

Isn't that something! Aunt Thelma expired at the age of 95 - and, so did her life insurance.
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