My Experience
With Bitcoin and Goldmoney

My Experience With Bitcoin and Goldmoney

I love the concept of Bitcoin - no banks - no middleman. Every since I first heard of Bitcoin, I have tried to fully understand exactly how Bitcoin works. I must admit that even today, some seven years later, I'm still not sure.
However, I do know enough to know that Bitcoin is something I want to not only explore but also own.

Through one of his YouTube videos, a journalist named David Seaman, introduced me to two wonderful sites, and At Coinbase, I bought my first small fraction of a Bitcoin. I saw that small bit of money more than double in only a few months. Where else is that possible?

At the site Goldmoney, I am able to save and spend gold.

It's a new day - a new world - we got some new money - and, I'm loving it!

Link to Coinbase - buy Bitcoin:

Link to Goldmoney - buy Gold: