The Power of "Hi" - Why Saying "Hello" to Everyone Matters

The Power of "Hi" - Why Saying "Hello" to Everyone Matters

One little word – one little syllable – two little letters "hi" can be so powerful. When we say "hi" or "hello"  or "good morning" or "good afternoon" or "how are you doing?" or just smile or give a head nod.

When we speak to someone or knowledge another person we are saying to  that person 1.  I see you,  2. I acknowledge your presence,  3. I acknowledge you as a fellow human being on life's journey with me.

It doesn't cost one cent –  it is absolutely free to greet another person. speaking to someone should make you feel good and the person you're speaking to feel good.

Every relationship starts with someone saying "hi", "hello", "how are you",  or in some way acknowledging another person. These relationships turn into marriages, business partners and a host of other great or not so great human adventures.

Also, keep in mind that when we don't acknowledge someone with a friendly greeting, we can never be sure WHO it is that we DID NOT acknowledge.
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