Three Keys to Stop Domestic Violence

Three Keys to Stop Domestic Violence 

A society can pass all the laws and statutes it deems necessary to stop or control domestic violence. However, it is only us - the people - each individual - that can put an end to domestic violence.

At this time when I speak of domestic violence, I am only speaking of violence that occurs in intimate relationships. I am speaking of relationships in which the people involved have told each other they love each other - that they care about each other - that they are there for each other. Yet, something went terribly wrong and one of these people in this relationship is now either mentally or physically abusing the other person in this relationship.

I share three concepts that I think are key to stopping domestic violence.

1. We must learn to love, honor and respect ourselves.

2. We must learn to love, honor and respect others - with the understanding that some people must be loved, honored and respected from afar.

3. Learn to follow our intuition and gut feelings when it comes to entering into an intimate relationship.