Review of I Am Domestic Violence
High Point, NC

Here is what I have to say:
     In 1999, I attended an event at the YWCA in High Point, NC. I  had no idea that I was witnessing the first of what would become a national phenomenon! Wambui Bahati presented, “I Am Domestic Violence”. It was as inspiring, life-changing, thought-provoking, and relevant then as it is now.
     Wambui Bahati has empowered men and women alike! She has given people permission  to tell their own stories and seek help when needed thereby healing wounds and  saving lives.      

     Counseling services at our college experienced an increase in  student appointments as a result of having seen Ms. Bahati’s performance which is powerful!  

     It was such a pleasure to be able to share this edu-performance with our college and community! Some of the feedback from our audience members: 

  • “Exceptional!”


  • “More people  need to witness this awesome performance!” 


  • “Miss Bahati  really invested her acting chops & opened herself so that we can  understand.” 


  • “The stories  of change encourage me.”


  • “Very  interesting. This production was very informative." 
  • Please keep this fantastic  play going and hopefully with God’s help we end Domestic Violence!”

I highly recommend Wambui Bahati and look forward to working with her again! 


Director, Student Activities

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