Domestic Violence Speaker: After The Play

Wambui as George (Character from the play.)

" . . . Strangely enough, the climax of the show wasn't during the actual play, it was during her Q&A afterwards. Bahati answered questions from the audience and spoke about her life, her battles with mental illness, homelessness, performing on Broadway, traveling across the States and how *I Am Domestic Violence* came to be.

Her own raw explanation of her story was truly the most powerful aspect of the night, as—at first—the characters she portrayed during the earlier performance seemed very archetypal. Learning that the bulk of them were based on her life experiences left the theatre in a state of solemn reflection, though I'm positive everyone in the room felt the confidence and energy that Bahati held in her heart." - Kyle Walsh - Halifax's Website - The Coast

The Presentation After the Play
Discussion of Characters in the One-Woman Show, Wambui's Story, Q&A

Learning Objectives:

  • By the end of this presentation, participants will:
  • Understand how far reaching domestic violence is
  • Understand the behavior patterns of abusers
  • Understand the behavior patterns of victims of abuse
  • Know the warning signs for abusive relationships
  • Know better how to help someone who is in an abusive relationship
  • Know ways to get help for themselves if they are in an abusive relationship
  • Understand how important self-esteem is to avoid abusive relationships
  • Understand the types of abuse
  • The correlation between abuse and mental illness (depression) and health in general.
  • Have a better understanding of what part culture plays in domestic violence.

Discussion topics include:

  • What is Domestic Violence?
  • Who are the Victims?
  • Warning Signs of Domestic Violence
  • Why Victims Stay with Abusers
  • How to Help Victims of Domestic Abuse and Survivors
  • Relationships After Abuse
  • Stopping the Cycle of Abuse
  • Rebuilding Self-Esteem 
  •  . . . Pay attention to the 'Warning Signs'! Here are a few:

Q & A

Commonly Asked Questions about Wambui's Presentation: "I Am Domestic Violence" 

1. Very simply, why do you believe this show needs to be shared? 

This show needs to be shared because the domestic violence and relationship abuse statistics are becoming more alarming every day. This show focuses on this important challenge in our communities in a way that everyone can relate to. This presentation not only educates, but it is also entertaining and therefore holds the audience's attention. 

2. Is the show based on your life experiences? 

Many of the stories that the characters share in "I Am Domestic Violence" are my own personal stories. The information in the show (and the talk-back/workshop following the performance) is based on my own personal experiences and what I have personally witnessed  as well as research and other people's stories. 

I had been presenting the show for many years before I admitted that some of the stories presented were my own true stories. It's interesting. You see, even though I was sharing this one particular story and knew that it was imported to share, I was still in denial that it had really happened to me. I had spent many years pretending that it had not.

3. How many times have you done this particular performance?

Wow! That is a difficult question for me. On the conservative side, I have performed the show an average of 8 to 12 times a year since 1998.

4. What venue/s have you had the most responsiveness, (or what venues were most memorable to you) and why do you think that was?

It is hard to choose one venue that has been more responsive than others. It is difficult because domestic violence knows no boundaries and affects all nationalities, races, economic levels and genders. Therefore, the topic seems to bring diverse groups together. 

Some of my most memorable venues have been on college campuses. I help the students open up a dialogue that they can continue after I have gone. Through the dialogue the students realize that many of them have "a story to tell" and that they are not alone; and that they can rise above and beyond what ever they thought might interfere with their happiness and success. I am that example.

5. If you could leave only ONE impression upon your audience from this show, what would it be?

The one impression I wish to leave upon my audience is that they are more wonderful, powerful and magnificent than they give themselves credit for. The answer to domestic violence is self-love.

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