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"Your performance at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup was sensational and received very positive feedback from stakeholders and attendees. I have a deep respect for you and your journey, you are an inspiration to me and so many who you have shared with in such a powerful way.
Thank you for using your gift so selfishly to further this important issue in the community."- November 2015 [contact us for entire document and sender info]

"Everyone has been talking about it ever since and telling those who had not been there that they had missed out big time!  Your ability to portray the characters was exceptional and so believable and we all felt it was the most moving and powerful advocacy on domestic violence that we had ever seen." - November 2015 [contact us for entire document and sender info]

"Dear Wambui,
Let me first say thank you for bringing your dynamic performance to [our community]. People have been talking about it ever since. I have not seen anyone receive a standing ovation at our luncheons - but you certainly received a very long standing ovation. What a testament to the power of your performance. We are all wondering how we can top that next year. And I don't think we can . . . " 
[Verification and organization upon request.]

After "I Am Domestic Violence" for the troops.The Plaque Reads:
"In grateful appreciation for your outstanding "I Am Domestic Abuse" presentation. Your play was captivating and your openness in sharing your personal experiences made a deep impression on all of us. Thanks to you I am sure that everyone left with a greater understanding of the seriousness of domestic abuse and more equipped to recognize and prevent emotional and physical abuse. Thank you for being a part of our Domestic Abuse Prevention Month. The Soldiers and civilians of Fort Detrick are in your debt."
- Colonel Allan J. Darden, Sr.

...Yet Rivers, who has appeared in such films as Zorro, Amistad and Hulk, did not even give the most dramatic presentation of the morning. His keynote address came after Greensboro, N.C., actor Wambui Bahati presented a part of her one-act play I Am Domestic Violence. Bahati, another survivor, took on the persona of abuse and loudly challenged the audience not to ignore the destruction it wreaks. With the use of various coats and blouses, she then assumed the role of seven different characters to illustrate that domestic violence knows no boundaries."Somebody run and tell somebody," Bahati crooned. "This ain't how it's supposed to be."

Ernest Hooper,
St Petersburg Times Columnist

Some comments from my Sociology students on “I Am Domestic Violence”---Professor Leila Rogers, Horry-Georgetown Technical College, Conway, SC 
These were posted by both males and females, high school through middle-aged:

I loved her performance.....She surprised me when she jumped up and started performing from the audience......I started to think to my self "who is this crazy woman sitting next to I realized that she is performing......I loved how she incorporated the different characters from the course of her past life. I learned to trust your gut and continue to speak about what is right. Domestic violence is everywhere, Wambui is right we need to start with the younger generation and teach them right from wrong.

I thought the performance was excellent. She got everybody into it from the beginning by starting in the audience and she keep everybody's attention, it was really good. It showed how domestic violence happens in her stories. Her message was domestic violence is out there everywhere, but no one wants to help with it. That the people that do it hides behind closed doors and people don't want to help other people out when they hear about it. And until people finally accept that it is a issue and do something about it, it wont be going anywhere, it will happen more and more.

I thought that her performance showed the examples of what domestic violence can do and why some people may choose to ignore it or think that it can't happen to them. I also liked how she dramatized different people and talked about the different situations of domestic violence that those people experienced. Her message was that if you do not talk about domestic violence or think that its a big deal, then there is no way that it can ever go away. People must act in order to prevent domestic violence from occurring. I believe this to be very true.

I really enjoyed Wambui Bahati's performance. She had a very live approach in capturing the audience's attention. I liked how she played several character skits to show the different roles of domestic violence. I learned that Domestic Violence is everywhere and that if affects all walks of life! Many people suffering from this issue are afraid to speak out. We need to take a stand in fighting this. Reach out to those if you can and help them get the help they need. Reach out & let them know they are not alone. Part of healing is talking about it and is a huge step for victims to take back control of their live! Domestic Violence causes such emotional damage and can lead to mental illnesses. When being abused victims tend to feel confused and think they are to blame when they are not. It's important for them to try and take a step back & evaluate the situation, try to look at it from another perspective because when your living the abuse it's hard to see that you have choices! Learn to love yourself, self-esteem plays a big part and I agree that we need to instill this in our children because domestic violence is hungry for the next generation.

I very much enjoyed Wambui Bahati's performance. I thought she portrayed each character very well. when she was domestic violence it made me think of how many of us are or could bring another generation of domestic violence into this world if we don't do something to stop it. I also learned that domestic violence isn't just physical, it is destruction of property, put downs, threats, trying to control the another by asking them not to work or give up social engagements just because that person does not want you to go. 

Also siting through her performance there was one character in particular that i could identify with. I believe her name was tiffany, the girl that was waiting for the bus and a guy that she has seen before out with her friend but doesn't really know herself. I have seen many young women do this with out really thinking...i myself have done this not realizing what could possibly happen.

I thought Wambui Bahati's performance was amazing. The way she showed everyone domestic violence was incredible. She acted out various different ways of domestic violence and she referenced to almost any situation and especially to situations that she has experienced in her life. The message I heard from her was that it is never too late to start living your life. She was a victim of domestic violence and finally broke free, had mental illnesses and was dealing with insecurities inside of herself. However, none of that got her down. She changed her name and started her life over basically and discovered herself. She wrote a book since then and even has written her own scripts such as I am Domestic Violence. She inspired me to look at life with a different view. Her words and her performance made me realize that life is short and you must live it while you can and live it for you.

I thought Wambui Bahati's performance was incredible. She did an amazing job distinguishing between characters and keeping the performance humorous yet serious at the same time. She could make a character funny while still sending a serious message to her viewers. She raised awareness to the issue of domestic violence in an entertaining way. I learned that rape and other forms of domestic violence are much more common than I thought. Many people are victims and are too afraid to tell anyone. Also, I thought it was interesting that Wambui said that confusion in a relationship is a form of abuse. Thinking about it, I agree with her; confusion is most definitely emotional abuse. I loved that almost every character was based off of someone from Wambui's life. It made the performance more real to know that it was not just a show, but it was a portrayal of real life events.

Wanted to let someone know some of the impact Thursday night's play [I Am Domestic Violence] had on victims and abusers. I brought 4 women to the play from a treatment center. Three were victims, one was an abuser. After the play, we had a group session to process the reflections and feelings they were experiencing. They all 4 loved the evening, the play was so powerful . . . There were awesome testimonies to the strength they got from watching themselves on stage. 

You were so awesome! I couldn't have asked for a more personable, entertaining, gracious and energetic presenter! With over 300 in attendance, I know you had an impact on many others. 

More Reviews and comments: 

Bahati’s one-woman play, “I Am Domestic Violence”, took the audience on a high speed tour of the emotional effects of domestic violence ... Audience members said Bahati’s abrupt entrance during the vigil sent a realist message. “That’s the way domestic violence interrupts peace. The initial shock was frighting . . .”

Dana Haydock
Gastonia Gazette Staff Writer
* * *
The information that you share with the world through artistic means is sorely needed in our turbulent society. People are still talking about the “I Am Domestic Violence” that you performed at last year’s conference . . .

Joyce G. Dickerson,
Program Director
Domestic Violence Internship Project
A&T State University
Dept. of Sociology and Social Work

* * *
Dear Wambui,

Thank you for coming to our NCCADV conference and performing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE …something I will NEVER forget. Your passion for this crime really showed through your performance. THANK YOU!

Michelle Cole
Alexander County
Domestic Violence Resource Center
* * *
Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council attended the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence Conference in Chapel Hill. We were very impressed with your presentation during the Plenary Session ...

Millie Hershenson
Executive Director
Abuse Prevention Council

* * *

Dear Ms. Bahati:

In recognition of Black History Month, the Domestic Violence Internship Program at North Carolina A&T State University is sponsoring a display that highlights significant achievements made in the area of domestic violence. "The Souls of Black Folk: Centennial Reflections" is a display honoring prominent African Americans in the field of Domestic Violence. The profiles of twenty-two domestic violence advocates will be on display in the first floor lobby in Gibbs Hall throughout the month of February.

The following female professionals have been honored: Wambui Bahati, actress, writer and singer, native of Greensboro, NC; Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley, Assistant Professor at Howard University School of Social Work, Washington, DC; Dr. Joyce Dickerson, Associate Professor and Director of the Domestic Violence Program at North Carolina A&T State University in the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Greensboro, NC; . . .

* * *

Teacher workdays are a chance to sleep in and watch TV for most students.

But more than 200 local teens got up early on their day off Monday to learn about social issues such as domestic violence, voting, AIDS and drug abuse at the 2004 Youth First Teen Summit.

The issue of domestic violence also topped the summit's agenda. Keynote speaker Wambui Bahati, a Greensboro-born Broadway actor , gave an enthusiastic performance of her one-woman show, "I am domestic violence," changing costumes and walking through the crowd.

"It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere any time soon," Bahati said. "Until you decide I really am a problem, then fasten your seatbelt - it's going to be a bumpy ride."

The Champion Coalition, a project of the Junior League of Greensboro, brought Bahati to the summit.

Laura Simpson, Champion Coalition chairwoman, said she hoped Bahati's performance "would let students know domestic violence is not normal and there are places they can go for help."

Bruce Buchanan,
Greensboro News-Record 

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