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70 Years and Beyond

Lately, people want to remove statues, rename streets and buildings and rewrite and change history. I want to preserve history, keep my memories, and pass the stories on to the following generations. I want to tell you how it was. I want to share my stories now that I am '70 Years and Beyond.

Mar 22, 2023

How To Publish Your Book

How To Publish Your Book

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Mar 22, 2023

When Your Yarn Disappears

disappearing Yarn

When Your Yarn Disappears

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Mar 21, 2023

Wambui Stories

Wambui Stories Banner Center

Wambui Bahati shares personal life stories from her over 71 years living.

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Mar 20, 2023

Stories From Around The World

Gymnastics Team 2016

Stories From Around The World

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Mar 20, 2023

My World -- 70 Years and Beyond -Wambui Bahati's Life Stories

My World -- 70 Years and Beyond -Wambui Bahati's Life Stories

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Mar 19, 2023

'Praise Him' T-shirt

Looking for a stylish and comfortable way to share your faith? Our 'Praise Him' t-shirts are a perfect choice! Made from 100% cotton, these unisex t-shirts are available in various sizes to fit everyone. But that's not all - each shirt features a clean and fresh design that will uplift and inspire.

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Mar 16, 2023

Isaiah 44

6 Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.

7 And who, as I, shall call, and shall declare it, and set it in order for me, since I appointed the ancient people? and the things that are coming, and shall come, let them shew unto them.

8 Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any.

Mar 16, 2023

A Round Tuit

Round Tuit 2-16-23

A Round Tuit -You will no longer be able to use the excuse, "I'll do it when I get around to it." Miss Inspiration presents you with your very own "round tuit." No more excuses.

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Mar 16, 2023

Domestic Violence Speaker - I Am Domestic Violence

Domestic violence card dv

Domestic Violence Speaker, Wambui Bahati, presents critically acclaimed Domestic Violence Show

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Mar 16, 2023

Wambui Made It

Craftin Journey

Wambui Made It includes custom t-shirts, totes, hand-made natural fiber products and promotional items with Natural People in mind.

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Feb 28, 2023

Benefits Of Crafting

Benefits Of Crafting

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Feb 25, 2023

Details of Ten Dating or Domestic Violence Warning Signs

Red caution Button

Details of Ten Dating or Domestic Violence Warning Signs by Wambui Bahati

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